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Insanity at it’s Finest on this Huayra BC Ride

It all started back at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum member’s party back in 2014. I was outside photographing the museum, when I saw people surrounding an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, while someone is revving […]

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Elegance is an understatement for the Spyker C8

“What is that thing?” This is the thought of people as they gaze at this magnificent vehicle. Nobody has ever heard of it. Few were made. And having it in front of me was quite […]

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Porsche Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Driving early morning from Westminster I watched the fog sit comfortably across the wetlands on either side of the road. On my journey I stopped to get a hot chocolate (small hot chocolate in a […]

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2015 Larz Anderson Auto Museum Corvette Day

  The dew lay in droplets on the grass in my backyard as my driver, Justin Richard, and I started our trip for Corvette Day at the Lars Anderson Automotive Museum. The Miata began with […]

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