Cavallino Classic 2018

This was my first time attending the Cavallino Classic and I found out it is the mecca of Ferrari’s. It was held at the exquisite Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach. Ferrari, a breed known for its beautiful curves and raw horsepower were in your line of sight wherever you gaze at this fantastic event.  

After years of photographing the Ferrari 250GTO I was excited to finally see one racing on Palm Beach International Raceway. There were 2 GTO’s and 2 512 BB LM cars that were going head to head.  What a spectacle to see!  Some of the spectators had amazing cars, such as one gentleman had a Ford RS200.

They had a series of Vignale bodied Ferrari’s and even a row of Ferrari F40’s and 288 GTO’s. The Cavallino Classic is known for having some of the most prized Ferrari’s in existence, and they didn’t disappoint anyone this year. 

While I was there, I ran into an motorsports photographer by the name of Rob Woodham.  One of the best motorsports photographers that I know of.  We conversed about business and some of the upcoming races.  My favorite part is meeting up with the other photographers and sharing the same passion.  Michael DiPleco, Peter Singhoff, and Dom Miliano to name a few.  Mostly Nikon guys.  



Edited by Kathryn Zimmerman


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