The Terzo Millennio is the Lamborghini of the future


As I walk into Lamborghini Boston one brisk October morning and I am told to go to Rich Geremia’s office.  At this point I am expecting an exceptional amount of details for the day and that we would be in over our heads.  He asks me to sit down and proceeds to tell me that Lamborghini is looking for a photographer in the area to take photographs of the CEO Stefano Domenicali signing a deal with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to design the Super Sports Car of the future.  My heart sank and my hands raised above my head.  I was thrilled!  At this point nothing could have wiped the smile off of my face. SFD_1358

Upon arriving at the secret meet up location I was placed in 1 of 3 black SUVs, as we head over to the institute.  It was straight out of a movie and was told not to repeat anything being talked about in the car or else I would be breaking the contract.  They spoke Italian anyways and I just chatted back and forth with the video guy.  Upon arrival we met up in a room filled with other Lamborghini and MIT executives.  That’s where they did the signing and handshakes.  I then went into another room and edited the photos to be able to send off to the press instantly.  I am not able to share those photos with you but I have this one of the CEO on the balcony.



A year later today they unveiled what they have been brewing up in the lab, and it’s called the Terzo Millennio.  The design is absolutely spectacular!!!! As you look at my photographs you will notice some very unique features the vehicle has to offer.  MIT students and professors are working with supercapacitors that have the ability to capture and release energy at the same time.  This is a new look at changing the way our electric automobiles are powered today.  Possibly replacing the lithium-ion batteries with the entire car, as its body components and carbon fiber nanotubes recycle the energy to move the vehicle forward.SFD_0402-Edit SFD_6435 SFD_0388-EditSFD_6413SFD_0362-Edit-2

Proof that Lamborghini is not going to be all electric could be the fact that there is an exhaust pipe of some sort behind the front wheel which is visible through the side gills.  When I was at the conference after the signing, Stefano said that Lamborghini will always have an engine and never be fully electric.

SFD_6456 SFD_6446 SFD_6462 SFD_6459 SFD_6424SFD_6409SFD_0427-Edit-2SFD_0428SFD_6443SFD_6444SFD_6464-EditSFD_6466SFD_0383-Edit

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