Elegance is an understatement for the Spyker C8

“What is that thing?”

This is the thought of people as they gaze at this magnificent vehicle. Nobody has ever heard of it. Few were made. And having it in front of me was quite exciting!


This Dutch supercar is called the Spyker C8 Laviolette and it is quite rare.   If you stumble upon one of these, consider yourself lucky: there were less than 220 made. I have gone for rides in many cars and the Spyker feels different then the rest. It is more like a vintage car from the interior view but has the performance of a modern exotic. Many times, while I am in other cars I forget what I am riding in. But with the Spyker, there is not even a moment you forget what you are in. The interior has your eyes wandering all over, admiring the design, upholstery, and gauges. It is one of the best interiors to date in my opinion.

SFD_9189-Edit SFD_9204 SFD_9193

Spyker began by manufacturing aircraft engines and then switched to making automobiles. The lineage of its history is pronounced in the design. From the polished aluminum dash and unique shifter, to the propeller-designed wheels, the details are functional and embodies the art of the vehicle. Every inch of this masterpiece has something that sets it apart from others. I focused many of my photos on these details, as its aesthetics are quite pleasing!

SFD_9231-Edit DSC_0515 SFD_6304

Interestingly, this car weighs less than a sport compact car, such as a Mini Cooper. With an Audi 4.2 litre, V-8 motor, this little bugger hauls down the road!   When discussing cars with others, there are many who look at the stats of a car and its specs. While I do enjoy hearing about the numbers related to the car, I also take importance in the “fun-ness” of the car. The Spyker holds its own: 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and 400 HP at 7500 RPM, with 354 pounds feet torque and a top speed of 190 mph. Pretty impressive! But what is more intriguing is that it has all this and is fun to drive and be a passenger in.DSC_0399-Edit

SFD_9170 DSC_0339

Back in 2013, I ran into the Spyker’s owner at a Cars and Coffee at The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA. Of course the car grabbed my attention immediately and I knew that capturing it would make for a great edition to the video I was doing for the end of the year celebration at the museum. At the end of the event, the owner gave me a ride around the museum grounds and let me sit in the driver’s seat. In 2014, he contacted me about a photo session with the Spyker. After arriving at his place, we set off, down the winding back roads, hugging every corner like we were in an Formula 1 race. The feeling riding in it was immense and at times, a few chills occurred along with an overcoming sensation of euphoria.

SFD_9226 SFD_9216 DSC_0503 DSC_0507

I didn’t forget what car I was in. As always keeping it to the details!

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